Little River Canyon AFB Sign Ups

Spend your Fall Break with the GT Trailblazers at Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama. We will spend half of the trip visiting the spectacular waterfall in the park, swimming in pristine blue swimming holes around the falls, enjoying some of the scenic hikes around the park, and will also spend park of a day kayaking in the flatwater above the falls in DeSoto State Park. The rest of the trip will be spent helping the park service with trail maintenance projects. Join us and make your Fall Break an adventure!

The cost of this trip including all transportation, food, gear, recreation, and a trip t-shirt, etc. is $80 and a $25 membership fee for joining Trailblazers. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Kyle Randall at

*No refunds can be given for this trip.

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Fort Yargo Sign-up

On September 27th, Saturday, we will be helping Fort Yargo state park to pick trash from the trails. We will be working from around 10:30am to 4pm, and after that we will be doing recreational activities, which include pedaling and mountain biking. We will probably divide people into two groups, if people want to do the different recreational activities. We will be camping there for Saturday night and come back to school on Sunday morning. The total cost will be $30 per person, and it includes cost for three meals, gas, campsites, and recreational activities.

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Big South Fork River AFB Sign Ups

Join the GT Trailblazers this Fall Break for an adventure to Big South Fork National River in Tennessee. Along with engaging in valuable environmental service with park rangers, we will be going on a horseback riding excursion, will be kayaking down the river, and will explore some of the trails in the park to experience all that the park has to offer. Make your Fall Break this year a true adventure while giving back to our beautiful surroundings. The cost of the trip will be $150 which includes all recreation, food, transportation, a trip t-shirt, group gear, etc. plus a fee of $25 to become a Trailblazers member. We look forward to joining with you this Fall Break! For more information or if you have any questions, please email Breanna Poteet at

*No refunds can be issued for this trip.

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Caesar’s Head Fall Break Sign Ups

Spend your Fall Break with GT Trailblazers at Caesar’s Head State park in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian mountains. We will spend a day and a half hiking throughout the state park. Destinations include a spectacular 400ft waterfall and several scenic overlooks from the peak of Caesar’s Head. Furthermore, we will spend a day volunteering with the park and return to Tech around lunchtime Tuesday, Oct. 14th. Please join us and make your Fall Break an adventure!

The cost of this trip including all transportation, food, gear, recreation, and a trip t-shirt, etc. is $60 and a $25 membership fee for joining Trailblazers. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Graham McAllister at

*No refunds can be given for this trip.

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Etowah Indian Mounds Sign-up

Join the Trailblazers for a second recreational outing of the semester to the Etowah Indian Mounds! We will visit the museum along with 6 gigantic earthen mounds(!) and then hike the nature trail. We will round the event out with a picnic lunch before heading back to Tech. Hope to see you all there!

Date: Saturday, September 20th
Time: 8:45 – 2:00
Cost: $12

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Helen Tubing Trip Sign-Up

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out on the river! Come tubing with Georgia Tech Trailblazers. Get to know awesome people while floating down the Chattahoochee River through the classic German style town of Helen. Lunch will be provided.

Date: Semptember 6th
Time: 8am to 3pm
Cost: $14

Note: You must know how to swim.

This trip is full. Sign-ups are closed.

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High Falls State Park Summer Local Project

Hey y’all! I’m super excited to announce that we’ll be doing a summer local project at High Falls State Park ( in a couple weeks! We’ll be leaving out on Friday afternoon, July 18th, and taking part in a ranger-led evening canoe trip. On Saturday, July 19th, we’ll be doing some service work, likely trailbuilding and maintenance, and exploring the gorgeous scenery the park has to offer. We’ll be headed back to Tech on the morning of Sunday, July 20th. Participation will be capped at 16, so when sign ups go up, be sure and claim your spot quick! More information will be on the website soon. Email me at with any questions!

Cost will be $25 a person, which goes towards food, gas for drivers, and the campsites.

[UPDATE]: Sorry, signups are now full! We’d love to have you with us on a trip in the future.

-Breanna Poteet

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Panola Mountain State Park

Join the GT Trailblazers for our last Local Project of the semester as we travel to Panola Mountain State Park on Saturday, April 19th. We will be deconstructing a park boardwalk before trying before trying out hand at a park specialty of harness assisted tree climbing. The group will be meeting at the IC lot near the parking meters at 7:30 am and returning to campus around 3 -4pm. The trip is free but bring a lunch. This is a team effort to make a difference in our parks so people with cars are encouraged to drive. If you aren’t driving, please bring a couple of dollars to pay for gas. Boots and pants are encouraged.

If you have any questions, contact Kyle Randall at

Sorry, sign-ups for this trip have closed.

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Minutes 3.31

Storage: Andrew talked to David Nabe, director of CRC, and two managers of CRC and said they are short on space, so dead end there
Jen: main housing person said they are still looking
Walter: off campus option $40 for a 5 by 5 by 5; talk to Honors Program
Two remaining local projects
Leo: Saturday, April 5th Fort Yargo State Park
Kyle: Panola 3 weeks away, tree climbing, might have to pull out late
Treasurer: after new staff we need to refresh bank accounts

Elections: VP local projects- Matt Kaune, Non Wor, Trisha Long
VP Alt breaks-Matt Kaune, Breanna, Trisha Long
President-Trisha Long- unopposed yay! I want to be more unified as exec, some sort of workshop especially with local projects, figure out quarter master business
Breanna: VP Alt Break-I’ve led one, local projects coordinator, secretary, seen a lot in Trailblazers
-Improve on communication as dates get closer, all on same page, consolidate resources on Google Doc, plan for fall done by end of summer, plan for spring by end of Fall Break, and a Summer Trip, will be on campus
Matt: been on 5 breaks, lead one Talladaga, seen what goes well and what doesn’t go well, making sure everyone hits all deadlines, I think I have the force to push them along the schedule, so fall leaders have everything planned way ahead of time, will be on campus

Trisha Long, new President
Matt Kaune, new leader of VP Alternative Breaks
Non Wor, new leader of VP Local Projects
Congratulations to all the new leaders! You will all do a great job!

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Invasive Species Removal at Fort Yargo

Wanna do some awesome mountain biking or canoeing? Come to the Fort Yargo state park with Georgia Tech Trailblazers for a day of fun and service, on Saturday, April 5th! We will be helping the park to remove Chinese Privet in the morning, take a breeak for lunch, and in the afternoon until 3pm, then we will start to enjoy the wonderful views and weather with mountain biking/ canoeing and hiking. Please bring your own lunch and plenty of water. The trip costs 10 dollars, which will be used as gas money for the drivers and rent for recreational activities.

Email me at for any questions. Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

[Sorry, sign-ups for this trip have closed]



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